Watch Psycho Online

Watch Psycho Online
Film title: Psycho
Rotten Tomatoes: 90%
Language: English
Plot: Filmed in bloodcurdling color, this remake of the 1960 shocker stars Anne Heche as Marion Crane, who makes a fateful stop at the Bates Motel -- run by mama's boy Norman Bates (Vince Vaughn) -- after embezzling $400,000. When Marion fails to show up for work, her disappearance triggers an investigation by her lover (Viggo Mortensen), her sister (Julianne Moore) and a private eye (William H. Macy) ... who discover that Norman has a morbid secret.

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Psycho Cast & Crew

Anthony Perkins
as Norman Bates
Vera Miles
as Lila Crane
John Gavin
as Sam Loomis
Janet Leigh
as Marion Crane
Martin Balsam
as Det. Milton Arbogast
John McIntire
as Sheriff Al Chambers
Simon Oakland
as Dr. Fred Richman
Frank Albertson
as Tom Cassidy
Patricia Hitchcock
as Caroline
Vaughn Taylor
as George Lowery
Lurene Tuttle
as Mrs. Chambers
John Anderson
as California Charlie
Mort Mills
as Highway Patrol Officer