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Film title: Puberty: The Movie
Language: English
Plot: Days away from his Bar Mitzvah, ErnieGoldberg is trying to "become a man" with some help from his friends, his family, and a friendly phone sex operator. His father, Herman, is coming to grips with a cheating wife and a cranky dad. Will Ernie get laid? Will Herman? Only the Torah knows the answers. And it will take He-Man and a deaf Tupperware heiress to save the day.

Puberty: The Movie Series
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Puberty: The Movie Cast & Crew

Joe Lo Truglio
as Herman Goldberg
Jerry Grayson
as Henry Goldberg
Jon Millstein
as Ernie Goldberg
Caitlin Miller
as Sheila Goldberg
David Wain
as Principal Kirkpatrick
Todd Barry
as Marty DuChamp
Amy Sedaris
as Paulie the Penis
H. Jon Benjamin
as The Torah / Uncle Irving
Ian Roberts
as Yogi
Marisa Ryan
as Lashonda
George Barber
as Jeremy MacFarland
Gregory T. Curtis
as FBI Agent
Caroline Duncan
as Aunt Ruth