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Film title: Purgatory Flats
Language: English
Plot: Driving drunk, Thomas Reed causes a car crash, fatal for his wife, and gets jailed for 5 years. Yet he feels like punishing himself afterward by moving to Californian small town Purgatory Flats, where he works as a humble barman. Suddenly he witnesses a shooting and volunteers to help the wounded Owen Mecklin, whose brothers Dean and Randy drag him further into their own crime life. Owen's sexy wife Sunny seduces 'Doc'. Local detective Travis McGill gets their trail. But treason proves the gravest luring danger.

Purgatory Flats Series
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Purgatory Flats Cast & Crew

Vincent Ventresca
as Thomas Reed
Brian Austin Green
as Randy Mecklin
Jason Brooks
as Martin Reed
John Jabaley
as Trucker
Nicholas Turturro
as Johnny Ramos
Alexandra Holden
as Sunny Burkhardt
Pat Corley
as Roy
Amanda Foreman
as Natalie Reed
Kevin Alejandro
as Owen Mecklin
Ford Rainey
as Phil
Royce D. Applegate
as Det. Travis McGill
Gregg Henry
as Dean Mecklin
Robert Wu
as Store Owner
David Markey
as Security Guard