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Film title: Purity
Language: English, Korean
Plot: A modern romantic drama about Grace Kim, a 19 year old Korean American minister's daughter who is caught between grief and joy, faith and passion and a classic love triangle. Grace refuses to leave the house months after her mother's death. Her upsetting behavior incites the Youth Minister, her best friend and her ex-boyfriend to do everything they can get her out of self-confinement. In a fight for the right to mourn in her own way, she ends up with a dirtied reputation, a distrustful father and no friends except for the boy she had left behind. Can she find her way back to life after losing her faith? Or will she have to die in order to prove her purity to everyone who judges her?

Purity Series
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Purity Cast & Crew

Susane Lee
as Grace Kim
Derek Mio
as Matt Kim
Chil Kong
as Reverend Kim
Jae W. Suh
as Naomi Lee
Mi-Sun Choi
as Mrs. Kim
Leonard Wu
as Jonah Park
Sumy Ahn
as Mrs. Cho
Eusook Ahn
as Church Officer #2
Kwang Hee Bae
as Church Officer #1
Christine Cha
as Youth Group
Tiffany Cha
as Youth Group
Dan Cho
as Youth Group
David Cho
as Youth Group
Kristy Cho
as Youth Group
Marc Cho
as Youth Group