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Film title: Quiet Flows the Don
Language: English
Plot: With World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Russian Civil War as backdrop, it's an old-fashioned, blood-and-guts narrative, filled with earthly humor and a wealth of colorful characters. The story concerns the fluctuating fortunes of Grigory Melekhov, a young Cossack who is both a hero and a victim of the uprising

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Quiet Flows the Don Cast & Crew

Rupert Everett
as Grigory
Delphine Forest
as Aksinia
F. Murray Abraham
as Pantaley
Ben Gazzara
as Gen. Secretov
Lorenzo Amato
as Mikhail Korshunov
Mikhail Baskov
as Koshevoy
Alexander Bespalis
as Prohor Zykov
Alyona Bondarchuk
as Natalya
Sergey Bondarchuk
as Gen. Krasnov
Alexander Jharkov
as Ivan Alexeevich
Gennadi Karnovich-Valua
as Gen. Lysytzyn