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Birthday: 1969-11-05
Place of Birth: Medfield, Massachusetts, USA
Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Wiki Biography: RC Everbeck has been working in the film and television industry for over a decade. He is currently starring as the lead actor in a film called "Lie Detector". The film began production in September 2004 in Portland Oregon. The film has been written and produced by long time good buddies, Scott Forslund and Tim Ryerse.Psychological thriller "Lie Detector", one of the largest feature films produced in the Northwest in 2004, is now in its final week of filming in the Portland area. Starring RC Everbeck, Richard Topping and Karla Mason, "Lie Detector" is a taut, plot-driven thriller that weaves through the world of hate crimes, international espionage and high-octane X-sport action. "Lie Detector" stars L.A. based RC Everbeck (David Wellman ), an up-and-comer who recently played the starring role of Billy in the film Billy the Kid. He has also had roles in Spiderman, Sneakers and Pretty Woman. The feature co-stars Richard Topping (Spence McKenzie), a British actor who hosted a number of network and cable television shows before moving to the US three years ago. Co-star Karla Mason ( Katherine Wellman ) is a native New York stage actress whose credits include As The World Turns, That's Entertainment, Off-Broadway, and 20 regional plays throughout Oregon, Idaho, Washington.Directed by local filmmaker Scott Forslund, produced by David Cascadden and Tim Ryerse, and written by Scott Forslund and Tim Ryerse, this high-risk twisting story takes the audience from the terrifying vertical wall of El Capitan to the confused world of brain-damaged David Wellman. Underscored by themes of recovery, redemption and the role of family, "Lie Detector" tells the story of special agent David Wellman. Wellman is Portland FBI's chief polygrapher, whose injuries from a horrific car crash give him an even keener ability to find the truth. This new power rips apart his personal life yet brings powerful insight into his work as an FBI agent.RC Everbeck is the Executive Producer on "Monty" (the Montgomery Clift Bio Picture) which is a Newman/Tooley Films. His completed films include "12 Bucks," which he financed, served as Executive Producer and secured a star cast to include Jonathan Silverman and Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine. He also sold "12 Bucks" to BlockBuster, with a nation-wide distribution deal. This film was shot on 14 locations in 12 days. "12 Bucks" was chosen as an "Official Selection" to the 1998 AFI International Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival and The Chicago Film Festival.RC Everbeck produced the short film, "The Translator," staring Molly Ringwald and shot by 5 time Academy Award cinematographer nominee Alan Daviau (E.T., Color Purple, Empire of the Sun, Avalon, Bugsy). In addition, he has several scripts in various stages of development. RC has also produced numerous short films, commercials, public service announcements and music videos.RC is a USC graduate, originally from Boston, Massachusetts and now resides in Santa Monica, California.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
12 Bucks Spineless 1998 Drama
The Chair Simmons 2015 Crime, Horror, Thriller
Lie Detector David Wellman 2016 Crime, Drama, Thriller