Watch RKO 281 Online

Watch RKO 281 Online
Film title: RKO 281
Language: English
Plot: High on the success of his "War of the Worlds" radio hoax, the prodigiously talented Orson Welles (Liev Schreiber) heads west to pursue a career in movies. An invitation to the California castle of publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst (James Cromwell) sparks an idea that would eventually become the masterpiece Citizen Kane. But Hearst will stop at nothing to ensure that the film never finds an audience in this Golden Globe-winning HBO film.

RKO 281 Cast & Crew

Liev Schreiber
as Orson Welles
James Cromwell
as William Randolph Hearst
Melanie Griffith
as Marion Davies
John Malkovich
as Herman Mankiewicz
Brenda Blethyn
as Louella Parsons
Liam Cunningham
as Gregg Toland
David Suchet
as Louis B. Mayer
Fiona Shaw
as Hedda Hopper
Anastasia Hille
as Carole Lombard
Roger Allam
as Walt Disney
Simeon Andrews
as John Houseman
Jay Benedict
as Darryl Zanuck
Ron Berglas
as David O. Selznick