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Film title: Rabat
Language: Dutch, French, Spanish, Arabic, English
Plot: It's summer, and recent college graduate Nadir has accepted to drive his father's old taxi from their home in the Netherlands to his family's home country of Morocco to deliver it to a friend. Without notice his two friends Abdel and Zakaria join him on the trip. Nadir doesn't want to waste time, but his friends insist on picking up a French hitchhiker and letting her show them around Barcelona. We eventually learn that there is more to the trip for Nadir than just delivering a car, and it becomes a conflict that threatens the three men's friendship.

Rabat Series
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Rabat Cast & Crew

Achmed Akkabi
as Abdel
Mohamed Benbrahim
as Mechanic
Jacqueline Bir
as Old Lady
Slimane Dazi
as Dade Exporter
Nasrdin Dchar
as Nadir
Chico Kenzari
as Zakaria
Nadia Kounda
as Yasmina
Mohamed Majd
as Old Man
Julius Ponten
as Pizzabaker
Walid Rhord
as Naoufal