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Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Wiki Biography: Rahul Nath has managed to master several careers and yet been able to shine at all them. At a young age, he was blessed to have extensive dance techniques that allowed him to take on different styles of dance and at the same time mastering the techniques of Bollywood dancing for both the stage and film. A chance sighting by an agent in London, helped him to jump on to the acting track, where he proved that being unique has several advantages. He began his journey in acting, performing in comedic and laughable roles, where he too realized his strong comedic talent and worked it for several theatre productions thereafter. However, knowing that being an actor involves different layers, he quickly changed gears and went all dramatic, proving to critics that he is not a one trick pony. The transition to television and film, then became a smooth and upward travel, where playing the stereo typical doctor fell right into his lap. He had the chance to be a doctor for the rest of his career and life, but let it all go for the chance of bigger and better things. They say that where there is a risk, there will be a reward and his praises were just around the corner in the form of TV pilots, huge endorsements for major US brands and controversial festival bound films that elevated him to a different level. He has been nicknamed Rahul "transformer" Nath as he spends time making the changeover from himself to the character he is playing. He was most notably known for his weight gain for the UK premiere of "The Visit", and then known for his weight loss for the USA pilot "Secrets" and deglamorized look for the Fox pilot "The After Lyfe's". Recently he released his aerobic DVD called "Bollywood Aerobics", a cardio combination of the latest Bollywood dance moves with a non stopping cardio workout, that has been a sell out all over the USA.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Naina 2005 Drama, Horror, Mystery
Foreign Ajay 2010 Drama, Family, Romance
Bollywood Aerobics: At Home with Rahul Nath Himself 2011 Sport
LMAO with Brian Hooks Arthur 2011 Comedy
Khazana Arun 2013 Drama
Blood and Curry Vinay 2014 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Faraar Sunny 2015 Action
Bazodee Partiv Kumar 2016 Drama, Musical, Romance