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Film title: Raising Kayn
Language: English
Plot: This is a family series about the Kayn family. This family goes through the loss of their father to vampires and deal with the grief in different ways. Samantha, the mom, deals with her grief by being smarter than others. Katy her oldest daughter deals with it by being stronger. Kayla her younger daughter faces her loss by being a social teen and forgetting her problems. Her son Stephan deals with the loss of his father by being distant. Stephan hides in his lab creating who knows what. This family has to stick close together to face the monsters in their heads as well as the monsters in real life.

Raising Kayn Series
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Raising Kayn Cast & Crew

Taunya Gren
as Samantha Kayn
Seanna Ladd
as Katy Kayn
Loren Lambert
as Kris Kayn
Stephan Law
as Stephan Kayn
Kayla Shiffer
as Kayla Kayn
Robyn Adamson
as Yol Gorro
Joshua Cameron
as Vampire
Brandyn Cross
as Candy Man
Ronda Dennis
as Lemurian #3
Rochelle Durkee
as Hypatia
Scott Eggleston
as Slime Monster
Sahna Foley
as Waitress
Bill Gillane
as Voice Over