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Film title: Random 11
Language: English, Japanese
Plot: Prodigy detective Mitsuko Unagi is on the hunt for a notorious serial killer known only as "Eleven". 10 years earlier, on February 29th 2006, a series of murders began, involving 11 randomly selected victims killed simultaneously in various parts of Tokyo. The killings continue over the next decade, leaving the police with no evidence, no witnesses, and the killer always one step ahead. But now something has changed, and the killer has changed his pattern, giving Detective Unagi the one chance to finally get closer to solving the mystery of the Random 11.

Random 11 Series
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Random 11 Cast & Crew

Haruka Abe
as Mitsuko Unagi
Junichi Kajioka
as Mamoru Otomo
Vera Chok
as Candace
Lucy Bruegger
as Elizabeth Gould
TJ Herbert
as Head of Security
Shuna Iijima
as Tomoko Mifune
Haruka Kuroda
as Yuri Miyamoto
Silvana Maimone
as D.I. Doyle
Damien McEvoy
as Inspector Coltrane
Eiji Mihara
as Commissioner Abe
Lisa Reiner
as Flora
Jeremy Tiang
as Courier
Kenji Watanabe
as Chief Yamato
Gabby Wong
as Joy Mak-Cheuk
Leila Wong
as Michael's Assistant - Yuki