Watch Random Hearts Online

Watch Random Hearts Online
Film title: Random Hearts
Rotten Tomatoes: 15%
Language: English
Plot: Dutch Van Den Broeck's and Kay Chandler's spouses perish in a devastating plane crash. Using his police expertise, Dutch searches for answers, finding more in common between his wife and Kay's husband than just a plane wreck ... they were lovers.

Random Hearts Cast & Crew

Harrison Ford
as Dutch Van Den Broeck
Kristin Scott Thomas
as Kay Chandler
Bonnie Hunt
as Wendy Judd
Dennis Haysbert
as Detective George Beaufort
Sydney Pollack
as Carl Broman
Richard Jenkins
as Truman Trainor
Paul Guilfoyle
as Dick Montoya
Susanna Thompson
as Peyton Van Den Broeck
Peter Coyote
as Cullen Chandler
Dylan Baker
as Richard Judd
Lynne Thigpen
as Phyllis Bonaparte
Susan Floyd
as Molly Roll
Bill Cobbs
as Marvin
Kate Mara
as Jessica Chandler