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Film title: Rat
Language: English
Plot: Dublin deliveryman Hubert Flynn feels peaked. Home from the pub, he lies down; while his nagging wife Conchita looks on, he turns into a rat. She's chafed at how inconsiderate he is: hardly touching his food the next morning and leaving droppings on the good doilies. With curiosity seekers outside the flat and a writer at the door offering to help Conchita turn her story into a book, she calls a family meeting. Her seminary-bound son Pius wants to kill the rat; other family members are ambivalent. They opt to hurl Hubert over the fence of a maggot farm. Christmas approaches; an exorcism is in the cards, and the book becomes the Holy Grail. What of Hubert's conversion?

Rat Series
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Rat Cast & Crew

Imelda Staunton
as Conchita Flynn
Frank Kelly
as Uncle Matt
David Wilmot
as Phelim Spratt
Andrew Lovern
as Pius Flynn
Kerry Condon
as Marietta Flynn
Pete Postlethwaite
as Hubert Flynn
Veronica Duffy
as Daisy
Ed Byrne
as Rudolph
Niall Toibin
as Father Geraldo
as Mickey the Dog
Peter Caffrey
as Mick the Barman
Rita Hamill
as Estate Woman
Roxanna Nic Liam
as Hopscotch Child
Geoffrey Palmer
as The Doctor
Stanley Townsend
as Newsreader