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Birthday: 1954-12-18
Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m) Mini Biography Intense is
Wiki Biography: Intense is the word for Ray Liotta. He specializes in psychopathic characters who hide behind a cultivated charm. Even in his nice guy roles in Field of Dreams (1989) and Operation Dumbo Drop (1995), you get the impression that something is smoldering inside of him. Liotta maintains a steady stream of work, completing multiple projects per year. IMDb Mini Biography By: Ray Hamel / Zaux Mini Biography Ray Liotta studied acting at the University of Miami, where he became friends with Steven Bauer (Scarface (1983), Thief of Hearts (1984)). He spent his first years acting in TV: "Another World" (1964), a TV movie and several short-lived series. He broke into movies with the black comedy Something Wild (1986), which garnered him rave reviews. Originally unable to get a reading, he was recommended for the part by Melanie Griffith (then married to Bauer). After the success of "Something Wild" he received more offers in the "psycho" vein, but refused them to avoid being typecast. Instead, he made "little movies" like Dominick and Eugene (1988) (which earned him standing as an actor's actor) and Field of Dreams (1989) (whose success still surprises him). When he heard that Martin Scorsese was casting Goodfellas (1990), he lobbied hard for the part of Henry Hill. The film's huge success brought him wide popularity and enabled him to get star billing in future films (Article 99 (1992), Unlawful Entry (1992), Unforgettable (1996)).

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Ray Liotta Ray Liotta Ray Liotta Ray Liotta Ray Liotta Ray Liotta


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Casablanca (1983) Sacha 1983 - 1983
Our Family Honor Ed Santini 1985 Drama
Revolver Dorothy Macha 2005 Crime
Identity Rhodes 2006 - 2006 Mystery
Smith Bobby Stevens 2006 - 2006
Unforgettable David Krane 2014 Crime
Alone Mr. Ancilla 2015
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Revolver Dorothy Macha 1973 0, Comedy, Game Show, Music
Inferno Jack 1980 Game Show
The Lonely Lady Joe Heron 1983 Drama
Something Wild Ray Sinclair 1986 Comedy, 0
Dominick and Eugene 1988 Drama
Field of Dreams Shoeless Joe Jackson 1989 0, 0
GoodFellas Henry Hill 1990 Comedy
Unlawful Entry Officer Pete Davis 1992 Comedy, Game Show
Article 99 Dr. Richard Sturgess 1992 Drama, Comedy
Corrina, Corrina 1994 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Operation Dumbo Drop Capt. T.C. Doyle 1995 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Unforgettable 1996 Sci Fi, Thriller, Mystery
Turbulence Ryan Weaver 1997 Action, Thriller
Cop Land Gary Figgis 1997 Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Rat Pack Frank Sinatra 1998 Drama
Phoenix Harry Collins 1998 Crime, Drama
Forever Mine 1999 Comedy, 0, Biography
Muppets from Space 1999 Family, Comedy, Sci Fi
Pilgrim Jack 2000 Action, Mystery, Thriller
A Rumor of Angels 2001
Hannibal Paul Krendler 2001 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Heartbreakers Dean Cumanno 2001 Comedy, Crime, Romance
The Heart Breaker Dean Cumanno 2001 Comedy, Crime, Romance
Blow Fred Jung 2001 Crime, Drama
Identity Rhodes 2003 Game Show
Narc 2003 Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Last Shot Jack Devine 2004 Comedy
Slow Burn Ford Cole 2005 Game Show, Comedy
Control Lee Ray Oliver 2005 Crime, Thriller
Comeback Season Walter Pearce 2006 Comedy, Romance
Smokin' Aces Donald Carruthers 2007
Wild Hogs Jack 2007 0
Battle in Seattle Mayor Jim Tobin 2007 0
Bee Movie Ray Liotta 2007 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
The Unforgettable Dr. David Krane 2008
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale Gallian 2008 Action, Adventure, Drama
Hero Wanted Detective Terry Subcott 2008 Action, Crime, Drama
Even Money Tom Carver 2008 Crime, Drama
Powder Blue Jack Doheny 2009
Crossing Over Cole Frankel 2009 Drama
Observe and Report Detective Harrison 2009 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Local Color John Talia Sr. 2009 Drama
Crazy on the Outside Gray 2010
Youth in Revolt Lance Wescott 2010 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Chasing 3000 Adult Mickey 2010 Sport
Charlie St. Cloud Florio Ferrente 2010 Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Snowmen Reggie Kirkfield 2011
The Son of No One Captain Marion Mathers 2011
All Things Fall Apart Dr. Brintall 2011
The Details Peter Mazzoni 2011 0, 0
The River Murders Jack Verdon 2011 Thriller
The Entitled Richard Nader 2011 Thriller
La linea Mark Shields 2011 Action, Crime, Drama
Bad Karma Molloy 2012
The Iceman Roy Demeo 2012 Game Show, Comedy
Breathless Sheriff Cooley 2012 Comedy, Thriller
Ticket Out Jim 2012 Thriller
Killing Them Softly Markie Trattman 2012 Crime, Thriller
Yellow Afai 2013 Drama
The Devil's in the Details Dr. Robert Michaels 2013 Thriller
Pawn Man in the Suit 2013 Crime, Thriller
Suddenly Todd 2013 Thriller
The Identical Reece Wade 2013 Drama
Flock of Dudes Uncle Reed 2014 Comedy
Revenge of the Green Dragons Michael Bloom 2014 0, 0, Comedy
No Escape Capt. J.T. Robbins 2015 0, Game Show
Sticky Notes Jack 2015 Drama