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Film title: Razor
Language: English
Plot: A young couple(Jake & Violet) travel to visit Aunt Rose in Arizona when they come across a religious cult frozen in time right out of 1890 who believe God has given them a Hyena(Razor)with a spiritual sense who can detect Sinners from God fearing good people. Only problem is Razor continuously turns on the alleged god fearing folks in this absurdest dark comedy that points out the hypocrisy in all of us.

Razor  Series
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Razor Cast & Crew

Sid Haig
as Bartender Sam
Tanya Dempsey
as Violet
Ernie Lively
as Ernie
William Dear
as Bill
Richard Moll
as Jon Creadon
Sandra Eloani
as Margarita
Patricia Forte
as Aunt Rose
Victoria Renee
as Puritan Woman w Razor
James P. Lay
as Puritan Band Member right
Paul Howard
as Tom
Brian Gramo
as Guy Picks up Jake on road
Emilio Cueto
as Carlos
Oliver Dear
as Bubbi