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Film title: Rebellious Children of the Unconscious
Language: English
Plot: Meet Martin, an aspiring screenwriter whose scripts keep getting rejected. He has an exasperated wife, handing him some big news with a serious ultimatum attached. And, he has an uncontrolled medical condition that influences everything. Bigtime. Reality can be kind of harsh. Martin's writing obsession is causing his life to go haywire. Neglecting most all else, except for managing to get his wife pregnant, she demands a steady paycheck if he wants to save their marriage. Martin caves, taking on landscaping jobs, but it can't squash his writer's over-active imagination. It also can't stop the strange psychological symptoms from his neglected medical condition. An unlikely and mysterious duo appear, an older intellectual gentleman and a beautiful young woman, a dancer. Creating all sorts of trouble for Martin, they confuse his addled brain all the more. The two mischievously and joyfully blur the lines between his unconscious, imagination, and reality.

Rebellious Children of the Unconscious Series
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Rebellious Children of the Unconscious Cast & Crew

Josh Meyer
as Martin
Justine Cotsonas
as The Dancer
Nicole Swahn
as Lena
Bob King
as Martin's Dad
John Hambrick
as The Intellectual
Tom Lagleder
as Eric
Paris Cudini
as Wedding Guest
Peggy Schott
as Cemetery Visitor
Elisabeth Raine
as Wedding Guest / Student
Lisa Grecco
as Housewife
Hunter Cudini
as Wedding Guest
Craig Nigh
as Agent
Brandon Pentecost
as Young Martin
Tom Costello Jr.
as Lena's Dad