Recreating Eden

Recreating Eden Series
Premiere: 2002
Network: Hgtv
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"Recreating Eden" is an international gardening-biography series about how gardens change peoples’ lives. Currently airing on HGTV Canada, this documentary series demonstrates the role that gardens play in the lives of people and communities. It is about the people who create gardens, who gather in them, live in them, and are sometimes healed by them. They are trained botanists, landscape architects, horticultural therapists, and passionate self-taught hobbyists. Traveling across nine countries, each 30 minute episode features a gardener who takes the viewer o n a tour of his or her garden as well as on an intimate voyage through their personal life, the lives of their family, their ancestors, and their culture. A single plant elicits memories of a friend, the complex relationship with a parent, the healing force of nature, and the power to transform one’s life. From the urban backyard garden of Gardening Life Editor, Marjorie Harris to the wildly designed gardens of hortisexual gardener, Marcia Donahue to David Kamp’s 9/11 war memorial garden in Pennsylvania, "Recreating Eden" illustrates, with vivid images, the wonderful stories of the featured gardeners and their relationships with the things of the earth. "Recreating Eden" will change the way you think about gardens as well as the way you look at the world. more less