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Film title: Red Butterfly
Language: English
Plot: A man must find his way after making a grave mistake. Tonio's loyalty to his long-time friend turned gangster, TC, leads to a series of events with deadly consequences. Tonio cannot save his lover, Cleo from herself. Diogo Morgado, Christine Evangelista, Wilson J. Heredia, and Laurence Mason star in this haunting tale of love and betrayal.

Red Butterfly Series
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Red Butterfly Cast & Crew

Diogo Morgado
as Antonio Vega Jr. - Tonio
Christine Evangelista
as Cleo McKenna
Wilson Jermaine Heredia
as Tommy Caesar Simo - TC
Laurence Mason
as Dutch Fred
James A. Stephens
as Vinny The Killer
Jen Araki
as Helena Troy
Byrdie Bell
as Carrie
Joe Rosario
as Chick
Mike Perfetuo
as Grimm
Teddy Cañez
as Henchman
Ondina Frate
as Hipster
Vincent D'Oria
as Lounge Hipster
James Pantoja
as James