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Film title: Red Dog. Scooter. Applesauce.
Language: English
Plot: Martin decides to take a trip to see his childhood friend, Giggs, in Tahoe. His vacation is interrupted by an unexpected travel partner, Annie. Martin discovers his old buddy is definitely not the guy he once knew, he's now a spy, working for who knows who. To make matters worse, Martin's new friend, Annie, wants to be more than a friend. Martin must decide which is more dangerous: affection or ammunition...but first, Martin must survive an intimidating Italian man (and his poodle), a Cuban intelligence agent (the OTHER CIA) with a Japanese accent, and two members of the CIA that may really be MIA from the FBI. RED DOG. SCOOTER. APPLESAUCE. are code words for "somewhere between THE IN-LAWSand GROSSE POINT BLANK."

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Red Dog. Scooter. Applesauce. Cast & Crew

Marc Ardito
as Martin
Lou Carbonneau
as Daryl
Juan Patino
as Mr. Mishito
Mitchell Riggs
as Giggs