Watch Red Planet Online

Watch Red Planet Online
Film title: Red Planet
Rotten Tomatoes: 31%
Language: English
Plot: In the year 2050, with the polluted Earth rapidly becoming uninhabitable, scientists are preparing to colonize Mars. But efforts to make the red planet more hospitable to its future human residents have gone awry, leading to a manned rescue mission. The mission's astronauts and scientists (Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore, Terence Stamp), however, soon encounter a deadly predicament of their own.

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Red Planet Cast & Crew

Val Kilmer
as Robby Gallagher
Carrie-Anne Moss
as Cmdr. Kate Bowman
Tom Sizemore
as Dr. Quinn Burchenal
Benjamin Bratt
as Lt. Ted Santen
Simon Baker
as Chip Pettengill
Terence Stamp
as Dr. Bud Chantilas