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Film title: Reeseville
Language: English
Plot: Reeseville is a character driven murder mystery, set in the rural midwest. David Meyers returns to the small town in an attempt to silence the demons of his past. Shortly after his arrival, David's father, John Meyers is found dead of an apparent suicide. Or is it? Buried secrets of the town begin to unfold as the coroner, Zeek Oakman begins to suspect that the suicide was staged. The Sheriff, Jason Buchanan must work quickly to solve the crime and stem the tide of a rapidly growing obsession between David and Jason's sister Iris. The outwardly peaceful appearance of Reeseville begins to unravel as the town's dark underbelly is exposed.

Reeseville Series
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Reeseville Cast & Crew

Majandra Delfino
as Iris Buchanan
Brad Hunt
as David Meyers
Angela Featherstone
as Judith Meyers
Lynde Martino
as Nurse One
Arlene Kahn
as Nurse Two
Isabella Sotelo
as Head Nurse
Peter Reeves
as Dr. Reed
James Ridge
as Crash Cart Guy / Rough Cut Warrior
Brian Wimmer
as Jason Buchanan
Mark Hamill
as Zeek Oakman
Chick O'Neill
as Dead Body
as Watson the Cat
Roy Cochran
as Pedestrian
Cotter Smith
as John Meyers