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Film title: Reflections on a Crime
Language: English
Plot: In a series of flashbacks and confessional conversations with her prison guard, Regina seeks to understand her life in her final hours on death row before she is sent to the electric chair for the murder of her husband. A psychological drama about the nature of guilt. As she tells her story, we witness more than one version of the murder. Was it poison, a gun shot, or an accident? Did she intend to murder him, or only stumble on it? This film requires the audience to consider the meaning of remorse, and lov

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Reflections on a Crime Cast & Crew

Mimi Rogers
as Regina
Billy Zane
as Colin
John Terry
as James
Kurt Fuller
as Howard
Nancy Fish
as Ellen
Frank Birney
as Doctor
Adrienne Regard
as Attorney
Alain Ohanian
as Daniel
Ina Parker
as Haircutter