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Place of Birth: Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Born August 5th, 1887 in England, Reginald Owen was probably Hollywood's busiest character actor - making more than 80 films. He was educated in England at Sir Herbert Tree's Academy of Dramatic Arts. Owen excelled and made his professional debut also in England at the age of 18. He came to New York in the early 1920s and started working on Broadway by 1924. He left New York in 1928 and moved to Hollywood, hoping to make it in films. In 1929, he landed his first role in The Letter. In 1932 he played Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes. Although, he didn't get many leading roles, he did get to work with some of Hollywood's most beautiful leading ladies like, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Jeanette MacDonald (Owen's personal favorite), Barbara Stanwyck and Elizabeth Taylor. Owen continued to work into his 70s and 80s making family classics, such as Mary Poppins (1964) and Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971). He died in 1972 at the ripe age of 85 of natural causes.

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Reginald Owen Reginald Owen Reginald Owen Reginald Owen Reginald Owen Reginald Owen


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Anna Karenina Stiva 1935 Drama
Trouble for Two President of Club 1936 Drama
Above Suspicion Dr. Mespelbrunn 1943 Drama
National Velvet Farmer Ede 1944 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Platinum Blonde 1931 Comedy, Romance
Queen Christina Charles 1933 0, Biography
The House of Rothschild 1934 Drama, History
Stingaree 1934 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Of Human Bondage Thorpe Athelny 1934 Drama, Romance
Anna Karenina Stiva 1935 Biography
A Tale of Two Cities Stryver 1935 Drama, History, Romance
The Great Ziegfeld 1936 Drama, Musical
Personal Property 1937 Comedy, Romance
The Bride Wore Red 1937 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Everybody Sing 1938 Comedy, Musical, Romance
Lady Be Good Max Milton 1941
A Woman's Face Bernard Dalvik 1941 Game Show
They Met in Bombay 1941 Drama, Adventure, Romance
I Married an Angel Herman "Whiskers" Rothbart 1942
Mrs. Miniver Foley 1942 Romance, 0
Woman of the Year 1942 Comedy, Romance, Sport
White Cargo 1942 Adventure, Drama
Reunion in France 1942 Drama, Romance
Madame Curie 1943 0
Above Suspicion 1943 0, Game Show
Random Harvest 1943 Drama, Romance
Captain Kidd Cary Shadwell 1945 0
National Velvet Farmer Ede 1945 Drama, Family, Sport
The Valley of Decision 1945
Cluny Brown 1946 Comedy, Romance
Hills of Home 1948
Julia Misbehaves 1948 0
Challenge to Lassie 1949 0, 0
The Thrill Of It All 1963 Comedy, Romance
Mary Poppins Admiral Boom 1964 0, 0, 0
Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971 Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Love on the Run Baron Spandermann 2016 0