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Film title: Relax... It's Just Sex
Language: English
Plot: A mixed group of individuals - lesbian, gays, and heterosexuals who all frequent a local bar struggle to accept each others lifestyles. However when the two gays are attacked and fight back and ultimately rape one of their attackers, the group becomes strongly divided on their actions. Jennifer Tilly is the mother hen of the group who tries to hold everyone together. The lesbian lovers break up when one admits to having an affair with a m

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Relax... It's Just Sex Cast & Crew

Mitchell Anderson
as Vincey Sauris
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson
as Buzz Wagner
Seymour Cassel
as Emile Pillsbury
Lori Petty
as Robin Moon
Serena Scott Thomas
as Megan Pillsbury
Jennifer Tilly
as Tara Ricotto
Susan Tyrrell
as Alicia Pillsbury
Cynda Williams
as Sarina Classer
Paul Winfield
as Auntie Mahalia
Billy Wirth
as Jared Bartoziak
Eddie Garcia
as Javi Rogero
Timothy Paul Perez
as Gus Rogero
Chris Cleveland
as Diego Tellez
Gibbs Tolsdorf
as Dwight Bergman
Kathryn Bundy
as Marcia Fu