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Watch Removal Online
Film title: Removal
Language: English
Plot: Cole is a likeable regular guy. Except that ever since he witnessed a gruesome murder-suicide, things haven't been quite right. His wife left him, he is tormented by hallucinations and his career has nosedived into a blue collar job with a carpet cleaning service. Just when it seems his life has reached bottom, Cole is called out on an all-night cleaning job in an Italianate mansion far from the city. For company he has Henry, the rich, condescending homeowner who seems to take sadistic pleasure in letting Cole think he has just murdered his wife. A reddish stain on the carpet, a knife hacking into baked rabbit, a cell phone that won't stop ringing - does it add up to murder or is Cole losing his last handhold on his fragile sanity?

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Removal Cast & Crew

Billy Burke
as Eric Kershe
Mark Kelly
as Cole Hindin
Oz Perkins
as Henry Sharpe
Emma Caulfield
as Jennifer Kershe
Kelly Brook
as Kirby
Elliott Gould
as Dr. Segal
Sharon Omi
as Sandra
Sarah Burkhardt
as Estranged Woman
Bronwyn Cornelius
as Susan Sharpe
Kim Estes
as Phil
Evan Helmuth
as Todd
Ned Hosford
as Estranged Man
JR Reed
as Mike
Florence Regina
as Nurse Chapel