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Film title: Requiem for Murder
Language: English
Plot: Anne Winslow hosts a popular classical music radio show. Detective Lou Heinz discovers Anne is connected to a series of murders in which the victim is killed via poisoned wine while a radio is tuned into her show. It seems that each victim had wronged Anne in some way and whoever is sending her roses may be the killer.

Requiem for Murder Series
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Requiem for Murder Cast & Crew

Molly Ringwald
as Anne Winslow
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Det. Lou Heinz
Lynne Adams
as Det. Samantha Parks
Alan Fawcett
as David Scott
Chris Mulkey
as Richard Poe
Edward Yankie
as Ed Fairbanks
Charles Edwin Powell
as James Clouder
Ellen David
as Andrea Farquar
Tanja Reichert
as Lola St. John
Serge Houde
as P.M. Courtland
Jayne Heitmeyer
as Sylvia Tracy
Noël Burton
as Jonathan Westerly
Matt Holland
as Forensic #1
Warren 'Slim' Williams
as Forensic #2