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Rescue One Series
Genre: Reality Tv
Premiere: 2009
Sessons: 4
Full Episodes: 3
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Rescued Nation (TV) Hosted by Shawn Ward, Hernandes Union, and Shameka Greene. Reaching Every Soul Condition Under Evangelized Doctrine --- RESCUED. Rescued Nation was launched on December 3, 2010. Shortly thereafter Rescued Nation (TV) premiered on May 3, 2011 on The Christian Television Network with taping taking place at KNLJ in Jefferson City Missouri. Two weeks later it also premiered on God's Stations Television (GSTN) Network May 19, 2011 at the Cheyenne Wyoming affiliate. Rescued Nation TV has a focus to reach the broken hearted, depressed, oppressed, r ejected, and lost. The aim is to save our generation one day at at time. Rescued Nation is not a church but a youth and young adult ministry that's tackling today's issues of a generation that seems to be forgotten. Rescued Nation is determined to reach people for Jesus Christ by dealing with topics that confronts hidden issues that hinders them from becoming closer to God. The Principal photography and footage was specifically filmed at KNLJ-TV and aired Tuesday at 9:30pm (Central) and Saturday a re-airing at 6:00pm (Central) on the Christian Television Network. The Program airs Seven days a week on GSTN at 6:00pm and 9:30pm. As a prelude to Season two the program re-aired the season one finale episode as this episode also debuted on it's new Network UPN/My-Network-TV in St. Louis, Missouri and (CW)in Jackson, Mississippi on October 1, 2011 introducing Shawn A. Ward in the reverse interview about the Outreach ministry. All subsequent episodes leading into season two were aired on United Paramount Network (UPN) affiliates, (CW)affiliates, and My-Network-TV affiliates. (Source: Bryan Kreutz - Director / Executive Producer) more less
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