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Film title: Resilience
Language: English
Plot: Jimmy (HENRY LeBLANC) isnt really a bad guy. Sure, he has his vices. He likes his drink, and there are the weekly scenarios with women of questionable virtue, but overall, hes not that bad a guy. In fact, he even went out of his way to help his uncle Hodge (AL ROSSI) who has fallen on desperate times, telling a prospective employer that the older man has held a steady job with his company. It seemed harmless enough a lie, and besides, whom would it hurt?What Jimmy didnt take into consideration was that Hodges son Andrew (STEVE WILCOX) has his own very personal reasons for not wanting anyone to help his father. And anyone who does is going to be punished. And that includes his cousin Jimmy. Suddenly, Jimmys life is turned upside down as Andrew vows retaliation that will leave Jimmy in much the same situation as the uncle he tried to help. Faced with losing his job, Jimmy tries to seek out Andrew and find a way to keep him from destroying his life. In the course of his quest, Jimmy is ultimately confronted with a choice. The action he takes can save his job, but will cost another human being his life, leaving Jimmy to wonder if resilience is the middle ground between adversity and cruelty.

Resilience Series
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Resilience Cast & Crew

Henry LeBlanc
as Jimmy
Al Rossi
as Hodge
Steve Wilcox
as Andrew
Amy Arce
as Smith
Eric Cadora
as Moore
Kristen Davidson
as Garnette
Jake Eberle
as Lou
Stephen Full
as Caleca's Brother
Alejandro Furth
as Miguel
Kevin Goulet
as Mechanic
Jennifer Jalene
as Quelle
Tom Kiesche
as Zimmer