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Film title: Revelation
Language: English
Plot: Dating back to the time of Jesus Christ, an ancient relic known as the Loculus has been fought over by the forces of light and darkness down the centuries. Created in 50 AD, the wood panels of the Loculus are emblazoned with two images: the Ankh symbol - a looped crucifix - and the Caduceus - a rod entwined with two serpents. On its perilous journey through history, the Loculus was further adorned with more arcane mystical imagery including pentagrams, hexagrams, a crucified serpent, the naked human form divine and a hermaphrodite. And many have tried to unlock the secret of the sacred artefact - a secret only a chosen few know contains profound and overwhelming ramifications for mankind. In 1299 a Jewish alchemist's attempts to unravel the enigma ended in disaster. And in 1710 Sir Isaac Newton, discoverer of the laws of gravity and a foremost member of the Masonic Order of the Knights Templar, also strove to answer the riddle. But with the art of science in its infancy, Newton realised the Underground Stream of research needed to solve the puzzle would have to flow for several more centuries before the prophesied ultimate Great Work could be wrought in all its glory. Now, the Loculus, missing for hundreds of years, has reappeared again... Revelation tells the story of the final search for the Loculus and its effect on the Martel family and the whole world.

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Revelation Cast & Crew

Udo Kier
as The Grand Master
Diran Meghreblian
as Craftsman
David Urban
as Child with Loculus
Uri Roodner
as Jewish Alchemist
Coryse Borg
as Jewish Alchemist's Daughter
Manuel Cauchi
as Mob Priest
Anna Beck
as Jewish Alchemist's Wife
Heathcote Williams
as New Age Man
Terence Stamp
as Magnus Martel
Benjamin Feitelson
as Tour Guide at Rennes le Chateau
James D'Arcy
as Jake Martel
Will Harrow
as Young Jake Martel
Alan Talbot
as Limo Driver
Celia Imrie
as Harriet Martel