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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
New York Confidential 1955 Crime
Hotel Detective Dupere 1983 - 1988
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Guadalcanal Diary 1943 Action, Drama
The Purple Heart Lt. Angelo Canelli 1944 Drama, History
A Walk in the Sun 1945 Drama
Somewhere in the Night 1946 Crime
13 Rue Madeleine 1947 Action, Adventure, Drama
Call Northside 777 Frank W. Wiecek 1948 Crime, Drama
Cry of the City 1948 Crime, Drama
Big Jack 1949
House of Strangers 1949 Drama
The Sleeping City 1950 Crime, Drama
The Raging Tide 1951
The Blue Gardenia 1953 Crime, Drama
I'll Cry Tomorrow Tony Bardeman 1955
The Big Combo Mr. Brown 1955 Crime, Drama
New York Confidential 1955 Crime, Drama
Bengazi 1955 Drama, Adventure, Crime
The Brothers Rico 1957
They Came to Cordura 1959 0, Romance, 0, Fantasy
Circus World 1964 Drama
The Greatest Story Ever Told Barabbas 1965 0
Assault on a Queen 1966 Adventure, Crime, Thriller
Tony Rome Lt. Dave Santini 1967
The Godfather Barzini 1972 Crime, Drama
Godfather Barzini 1972 Crime, Drama