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Film title: River Red
Language: English
Plot: A young man (Tom Everett Scott) is placed in the position of having to kill his drunken, abusive father (Denis O'Hare) to protect his younger brother (David Moscow). Realizing that the younger brother will get off easier, he admits to the crime and goes to jail. Meanwhile the older brother finds his family deep in debt and he is unable to pay enough from his job as a dishwasher and selling wood. Thus he sets off on a series of robberies of convenience stores in adjoining towns. Back home, he tells everyone that he has come into a mild inheritance. However, he is racked with guilt and has trouble with a budding relationship because of this dark secret. The film's focus is on his struggle to determine his correct p

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River Red Cast & Crew

Tom Everett Scott
as Dave Holden
David Moscow
as Tom Holden
Cara Buono
as Rachel
David Lowery
as Billy
Denis O'Hare
as Father
Michael Kelly
as Frankie
Leo Burmester
as Judge Perkins
Tibor Feldman
as Dr. Harry Fields
James Murtaugh
as Chief Bascomb
Michael Angarano
as Young Tom
Ted Travelstead
as Gas Attendant
Chris Cantwell
as Mr. Taylor
Andrew Van Dusen
as Convenience Store Clerk