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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Last Resort (1979) Murray 1979 - 1980
Two of a Kind 1983 Comedy
Glory Days (1990) Lt. V.T. Krantz 1990 - 1990
Charlie Grace Crawford 1995 - 1995 Crime
Chicken Soup for the Soul 1999 - 2000 Drama
Twist Of Fate Capt. Cinzari 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Urban Decay Fetz 0000
Saturday Night Fever 1977 0, 0, 0
The Goodbye Girl 1978 Comedy, Romance
Two of a Kind 1983 Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
The Vegas Strip War 1984 Drama
The Lightship Stump 1986 Drama
The Boss' Wife Eddie 1986 Comedy
Delusion Myron Sales 1991 Crime, Drama, Thriller
We're Talkin' Serious Money Michael 1992 Comedy
Honeymoon in Vegas 1992 Comedy, Romance, Thriller
Man's Best Friend Detective Kovacs 1993 Comedy, Horror
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Detective Bullock 1993 Animation, Action, Crime
Lady in Waiting Charlie Burns 1994 Thriller
Forget Paris 1995 0, 0
Lion Strike Louie 1995 Action
For Better or Worse Ranzier 1995 Action, Comedy, Drama
For Which He Stands Izzy 1996 Crime, Drama
Storybook Panzius 1996 Adventure, Family, Animation
Wounded Stu Sachen 1997 Action, Crime, Thriller
Underworld Stan 1997 Comedy, Thriller
With Friends Like These... Johnny DiMartino 1998
Plump Fiction Montello Hungry 1998 Comedy, Crime
Hoods Mario 1998 Comedy, Drama
Air Bud: Golden Receiver 1998 Comedy, Family, Sport
Do You Wanna Dance? Father Chris 1999 Comedy, Romance
Mafioso: The Father, the Son Antonio Paradiso 2000 Crime, Drama
Mambo Café Fat Tony 2000 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Baby Bedlam Danny 2000 Family, Adventure, Comedy
Wannabes Mr. Letto 2000 Crime, Drama
The Last Producer Moogian 2001 Drama
Above & Beyond Joseph Fanelli 2001 Drama, Romance
MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate Beat Cop 2002
The Rose Technique Vince Trane 2002 Crime
A Family X-mas Johnny Guccianno 2003 Comedy
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Detective Harvey Bullock 2003 Animation, Action, Crime
The Third Wish Mr. forelli 2005 Romance, Comedy
In the Mix 2005 Comedy, Crime, Music
The Big Shot-Caller 2008
The Flyboys 2008 Action, Adventure
Dark Room Theater Luke 2009 Comedy
West of Brooklyn Papo 2009 Comedy, Drama
Undisputed 3: Redemption Farnatti 2010 Action, Crime, Drama
Monster Heroes Sitcom Dad 2010 Comedy
Sharkskin Mayor La Guardia 2013 Drama
Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn Lenny Leone 2013 Action, Crime
2 Dead 2 Kill The Deuce 2014
The Last American Guido Uncle Felix 2014