Robert Mitchum Biography

Birthday: 1917-08-06
Place of Birth: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
Wiki Biography: Underrated American leading man of enormous ability who sublimates his talents beneath an air of disinterest. Born to a railroad worker who died in a train accident when he was two, Robert Mitchum and his siblings (including brother John Mitchum, later also an actor) were raised by his mother and stepfather (a British army major) in Connecticut, New York, and Delaware. An early contempt for authority led to discipline problems, and Mitchum spent good portions of his teen years adventuring on the open road. On one of these trips, at the age of 14, he was charged with vagrancy and sentenced to a Georgia chain gang, from which he escaped. Working a wide variety of jobs (including ghostwriter for astrologist Carroll Righter), Mitchum discovered acting in a Long Beach, California, amateur theater company. He worked at Lockheed Aircraft, where job stress caused him to suffer temporary blindness. About this time he began to obtain small roles in films, appearing in dozens within a very brief time. In 1945, he was cast as Lt. Walker in Story of G.I. Joe (1945) and received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor. His star ascended rapidly, and he became an icon of 1940s film noir, though equally adept at westerns and romantic dramas. His apparently lazy style and seen-it-all demeanor proved highly attractive to men and women, and by the 1950s, he was a true superstar despite a brief prison term for marijuana usage in 1949, which seemed to enhance rather than diminish his "bad boy" appeal. Though seemingly dismissive of "art," he worked in tremendously artistically thoughtful projects such as Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter (1955) and even co-wrote and composed an oratorio produced at the Hollywood Bowl by Orson Welles. A master of accents and seemingly unconcerned about his star image, he played in both forgettable and unforgettable films with unswerving nonchalance, leading many to overlook the prodigious talent he can bring to a project that he finds compelling. He moved into television in the 1980s as his film opportunities diminished, winning new fans with "The Winds of War" (1983) and "War and Remembrance" (1988). His sons James Mitchum and Christopher Mitchum are actors, as is his grandson Bentley Mitchum. His last film was James Dean: Race with Destiny (1997) (TV) with Casper Van Dien as James Dean.

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Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Crossfire 1947 Crime
Border Patrol 1959 - 1959 Action
The Winds of War Victor 'Pug' Henry 1983 Drama
A Family for Joe Joe 'Grandpa' Whitaker-Bankston 1990 Drama
African Skies Sam Dutton 1991 Drama
Scrooged Preston Rhinelander 2010
Shark Wranglers Himself 2012 Adventure
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
She Couldn't Say No Doc 1930
Action in the North Atlantic 1943 0, Romance
Border Patrol 1943 Action, Adventure
Thirty Seconds over Tokyo 1944
When Strangers Marry 1944 Mystery
The Story of G.I. Joe 1945 Drama
Undercurrent Michael Garroway 1946 Biography, 0
The Locket Norman Clyde 1946
Out of the Past 1947 0
Till the End of Time 1947 Drama, Romance
Crossfire 1947 Crime, Mystery
Rachel and the Stranger 1948
Holiday Affair Steve Mason 1949 0, Biography
Where Danger Lives 1950 Thriller
His Kind of Woman 1951 Comedy, Crime
The Racket Captain Thomas McQuigg 1951 Crime, Drama
The Lusty Men 1952
Macao Nick Cochran 1952 Adventure
Angel Face Frank Jessup 1952
White Witch Doctor 1953 Adventure
Track of the Cat 1954 0, 0
River of No Return 1954 Action, Adventure
Not as a Stranger 1955
The Night of the Hunter Harry Powell 1955 Drama, Thriller
Blood on the Moon Jim Garry 1956
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison Cpl. Allison, USMC 1957 0, 0
The Enemy Below 1957 Game Show, Romance, 0, 0
The Hunters Major Cleve Seville 1958 0, 0, Biography
The Grass Is Greener 1960 0, Biography
Home from the Hill 1960 Drama, Romance
The Sundowners Paddy Carmody 1961 Drama, Adventure
The Last Time I Saw Archie 1961 Comedy, Romance
Two for the Seesaw 1962 Drama, Romance
What a Way to Go! 1964 Comedy, Romance, Musical
Anzio Ennis 1968
Secret Ceremony 1968 Drama, Thriller
5 Card Stud 1968 Mystery
Young Billy Young Ben Kane 1969
Ryan's Daughter Charles Shaughnessy 1970 0, Biography
The Wrath of God Father Van Horne 1972
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Eddie 'Fingers' Coyle 1973 Crime, Thriller, Drama
The Yakuza 1975
Midway Admiral William F. Halsey 1976 0, 0, 0
That Championship Season Coach Delaney 1983 Drama
The Winds of War Victor 'Pug' Henry 1983 Drama, Romance
Maria's Lovers Ivan's Father 1985 Drama, Romance
North and South Patrick Flynn 1985 Drama, History, Romance
Mr. North Mr. Bosworth 1988 Comedy, Drama
War and Remembrance Capt. Victor 'Pug' Henry 1988 Drama
Scrooged Preston Rhinelander 1988 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Présumé dangereux Prof. Forrester 1990 Action, Thriller
Midnight Ride 1990 Action, Horror, Thriller
Cape Fear Lieutenant Elgart 1991 Drama, Thriller
Woman of Desire Walter J. Hill 1994 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Dead Man John Dickinson 1995 Fantasy, 0
Backfire! Marshal Marc Marshall 1995 Comedy
Waiting for Sunset Ernest Bogan 1995 Comedy, Crime, Drama
The Last Tycoon Pat Brady 2012 0
Thunder Road 2018 0