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Birthday: 1930-12-13
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wiki Biography: Member of Washington D.C.'s Arena Stage repertory company in 60's and 70s, where he worked with Jane Alexander James Earl Jones Robert Foxworth and others.

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Robert Prosky Robert Prosky Robert Prosky Robert Prosky Robert Prosky Robert Prosky


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Great Outdoors 1988 Comedy
Danny Lenny 2001 - 2001
Outrageous Fortune 2005 - Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Thief Leo 1981
Monsignor 1982 Crime, Drama
Christine Will Darnell 1983 Reality Tv, 0
The Keep 1983 Reality Tv, Game Show
The Lords of Discipline 1983 Thriller
The Natural The Judge 1984
Outrageous Fortune 1987 0, 0
Broadcast News Ernie Merriman 1987 0, 0
Big Shots Keegan 1987 0, 0
The Great Outdoors 1988
The Murder of Mary Phagan 1988 Crime, Drama, History
Things Change 1988 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Gremlins 2: The New Batch Grandpa Fred 1990 0, Reality Tv
Funny About Love E.T 1990 Comedy, Romance
Green Card 1991 Comedy, Romance, Drama
Age Isn't Everything Grandpa Irving 1991 Comedy, Fantasy, Drama
Hoffa 1992 Comedy
Far and Away 1992 Adventure, Drama, Romance
Last Action Hero Nick 1993 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Mrs. Doubtfire 1993 Comedy, Drama, Family
Miracle on 34th Street Judge Henry Harper 1994 Drama, Fantasy
Dead Man Walking Hilton Barber 1995 0
The Scarlet Letter 1995 Drama, Romance
Mad City 1997 Drama, Thriller
Dudley Do-Right Inspector Fenwick 1999 Comedy, Family, Romance
Into Thin Air 2002
Eye See You McKenzie 2002 Crime, Horror, Mystery
The Thief Leo 2005
The Skeptic 2010 Horror, Thriller