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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
SoulTaker Angel of Death 1990 Fantasy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Hellhole Brad 1985 Game Show, Reality Tv, 0
Maniac Cop Matt Cordell 1988 Action, Crime, Horror
Fresh Kill Manny 1988 Horror
Dead End City Maximum 1988 Action, Thriller
Samurai Cop 1989
Evil Altar Sheriff O'Connell 1989 Horror
Maniac Cop 2 Matt Cordell 1990 Game Show, 0
Trained To Kill Walter Majyk 1990
Soultaker Angel of Death 1990 Fantasy, Horror
The Final Sanction Sgt. Sergi Schvackov 1990 Action, Adventure
A Gnome Named Gnorm Reggie 1992 Adventure, Family, Fantasy
The Legend of Wolf Mountain Jocko Painter 1992 Family, Adventure
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence Matt Cordell 1993 0
In a Moment of Passion Fritz Brumbacher 1993 Drama
Frogtown II Sam Hell 1993 Action
Wild Cactus Officer Grady 1993 Thriller
Future War Cyborg Master 1996
Guns of El Chupacabra Z-Man Lord Invader 1997
Decay Turk 1998 Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Fatal Pursuit Franco 1998 Drama
Lone Tiger King Coach 1999 Action, Adventure
Destination Vegas Killer Cop 2001 Action
Trance Bongo 2002 Action, Comedy, Horror
Mob Daze Bobby 2002 Comedy
Vampire Blvd. 2004
The Rockville Slayer The Man 2004 Thriller, Horror
Drawing Blood James Burns 2005 Horror
Run Like Hell Warden 2008
Untitled Horror Comedy Smokes Callahan 2009 Action, Comedy, Horror
La Femme Vampir Carl 2009 Horror
Post-Mortem Cameron 2010 Horror
Mountain Mafia Sheriff Dumas 2012 Action, Adventure, Drama
Rogue Assassin Lester Malick 2012 Action
Death from Above Bronson 2012 Adventure
Meltdown Crazy Eddie 2012 Action
Monsters on Main Street Harvey Seth 2013 Comedy, Horror
Easter Sunday Sheriff Arkin 2014
Rock n' Roll Cops Lite Dieter 2014 Action
The Mob Salvatore Greco 2014 Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Family Returns Rocco 2015 Drama
The Waiter 2015
A Blood Story Gerry the Jaw 2015 Horror
Precious Mettle Roger Gleason 2016
High on the Hog The Mayor 2019 0, Comedy, 0, Reality Tv, 0