Watch Robin Hood Online

Watch Robin Hood Online
Film title: Robin Hood
Rotten Tomatoes: 43%
Language: English
Plot: This BBC updated retelling of the tale of Robin Hood features a hip, wisecracking Robin (Jonas Armstrong) and his cynical manservant (Sam Troughton) battling the brilliant but evil Sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen) and his wicked minion, Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage). With help from Robin's beloved, Marian (Lucy Griffiths), the Sherwood Forest outlaws attempt to overthrow the unjust Prince John and restore the rightful king to the throne.

Robin Hood Cast & Crew

Russell Crowe
as Robin Longstride
Cate Blanchett
as Marion Loxley
Max von Sydow
as Sir Walter Loxley
William Hurt
as William Marshal
Mark Strong
as Godfrey
Oscar Isaac
as Prince John
Danny Huston
as King Richard the Lionheart
Eileen Atkins
as Eleanor of Aquitaine
Mark Addy
as Friar Tuck
Matthew Macfadyen
as Sheriff of Nottingham
Kevin Durand
as Little John
Scott Grimes
as Will Scarlet
Alan Doyle
as Allan A'Dayle
Douglas Hodge
as Sir Robert Loxley
Léa Seydoux
as Isabella of Angoulême