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Film title: Rojo sangre
Language: Spanish
Plot: Veteran actor Pablo Thevenet has no luck: His daughter has been murdered, his wife has left him, he finds no job and his agent wants to leave him - current directors will never give him a role. He hates current talentless stars on TV talk shows. Suddenly, he finds some job - as a living sculpture in a whore house working for a Mr. Reficul and his transsexual assistant Dora Grizzel. Pablo becomes an artistic murderer, searching for those he thinks responsible of his current state. He also meets job partner Tic-Tac, an ex-prostitute who will sympathize with Pablo. Pablo also attracts the attention of unusual producer Ambrose Fuch, who wants him to act and direct movies. Everybody seems to have something to hide - including serial killer Pablo.

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Rojo sangre Cast & Crew

Paul Naschy
as Pablo Thevenet
Bibiana Fernández
as Dora Grizzel
Menh-Wai Trinh
as Tic-Tac
Miguel del Arco
as Señor Reficul
José Lifante
as Camilo
Teresa Manresa
as Berenice
Guillermo Montesinos
as Herr Fuchs
Francisco Algora
as Martin Argote
Saturnino García
as Vendedor de cuchillos
Vicente Gil
as Enrique Arjona
Pep Torrents
as Bruto Rovira
Héctor Claramunt
as Director de cásting
Loren Darío
as Auxiliar de cásting