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Film title: Roma
Language: Spanish
Plot: When journalist Manuel Cueto is hired to type novelist Joaquín Góñez's last book, his presence provokes an avalanche of feelings that bring Joaquín to the edge of emotions and memories that had lain dormant in the solitude of the last stages of his creative life. Accustomed to years of loneliness, Joaquín finds in the young journalist a bridge to the forgotten years of his youth in the 60's and 70's, during his wild years in Buenos Aires. Argentina had been witness to the mistakes made in the passage to adulthood, the memories of old friends, the meaning of loyalty, the influences of cinema and jazz, the taste of first love and the experiences of the many which followed and the intimate relationship with his parents, particulary with his mother Roma, a strong, intelligent woman, a supporter of his youthful ideals. It is to Roma to whom Joaquín owes his free, bohemian spirit and the aspirations shared with her in the shadow of the memory of his father will awaken in Joaquín the desire and the impatience to recover all he had, so far, believed lost.

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Roma Cast & Crew

Juan Diego Botto
as Manuel Cueto / Joaco
José Sacristán
as Joaquín Góñez
Vando Villamil
as Áteo Di Toro
Marina Glezer
as Alicia
Gustavo Garzón
as Joaquín father
Carla Crespo
as Betty
Marcos Mundstock
as Gustavo Smirnoff
Raúl Rizzo
as Doctor Cassano
Alberto Jiménez
as Publisher
María Galiana
as Portera