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Birthday: 1956-04-26
Place of Birth: Dundee, Tayside
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Wiki Biography: Ron Donachie was born in Dundee and educated at Madras College, St. Andrews and Glasgow University, from where he graduated with an M.A (Hons.) in English Literature and Drama in 1979. After a year working as a navvy, he joined the 7.84 theatre company for John Burrough's "One Big Blow", in which the cast mimicked a traditional, colliery band by singing in six part harmony. The success of the play led to the formation of the acapella band "The Flying Pickets", who had a Christmas number one in 1983. Donachie's decision not to stay with the band and thereby missing out on their success has been described by him as "one of my more brilliant career decisions." Throughout the eighties he was a prolific theatre performer all across the UK, working in Britain's now largely vanished repertory system. This afforded him the opportunity to act in many classical plays which are now rarely performed due to budget constraints and closed theatres. During this period he appeared in over twenty plays at the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre under its famous triumvirate of Giles Havergal, Robert David Macdonald and Phillip Prowse. Like many performers with similar experience, he considers this the happiest, most fruitful and most influential phase of his career. In the nineties he became a regular performer on British television, and did not appear on stage again until unexpectedly asked to join the National Theatre company for "Scenes From the Big Picture" in 2003. This ended a gap in live performance of thirteen years. Since then he has tried to return to the variety of his earlier years with regular live performances interspersing his television and film work. Married on St. Patrick's day 1989 to Fiona Biggar, the couple have two children: Naomi Porter, a student of Russian, German and French, and Daniel Porter, who now performs in his own right under the name of Daniel Portman. His sister-in-law is the costume designer Trisha Biggar and his brother the actor Stewart Porter.

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Ron Donachie


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Monocled Mutineer Strachan 1986 Drama
Tutti Frutti 1987 Comedy
Specials Freddy Calder 1991 - 1991
The Governor Russell Morgan 1995 - 1996
Recovery 2007
Game of Thrones Ser Rodrik Cassel 3727 Adventure
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Great Escape II: The Untold Story 1988 Drama, Action, Adventure
The Jungle Book Sgt. Harley 1994 Adventure, Romance
Beautiful Creatures 2000 0, Game Show, 0
Capone's Boys Birch 2002 Drama, Crime
Man Dancin' Billy Maddison 2004 Drama
Man to Man Sir Walter Stephenson 2005 Drama
Greyfriars Bobby Laurie 2006 Adventure, Family
The Flying Scotsman 2007 Drama, Sport
The Daisy Chain Doctor Ferguson 2008 Reality Tv
Max Manus: Man of War Oberst John Skinner Wilson 2008 0, Romance
Blitz Cross 2011 Comedy, 0
Filth Hector 2013 Comedy, Crime, Drama