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Film title: Roseanna's Grave
Rotten Tomatoes: 38%
Language: English
Plot: Roseanna is dying of a heart condition, and all she wants is to be buried next to her daughter, in a cemetery that is getting full fast. The cemetery can't expand because Capestro, the man who owns the land next to the cemetery, won't sell. While Marcello is doing good deeds to make sure no one dies, Roseanna thinks of Marcello's futu

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Roseanna's Grave Cast & Crew

Jean Reno
as Marcello
Mercedes Ruehl
as Roseanna 'Rosa'
Polly Walker
as Cecilia
Mark Frankel
as Antonio
Trevor Peacock
as Fredo Iaccoponi
Fay Ripley
as Francesca
George Rossi
as Sergeant Baggio
Giuseppe Cederna
as Father Bramilla
Roberto Della Casa
as Bruno Rossi
Luigi Diberti
as Capestro
Renato Scarpa
as Doctor Sergio Benvenuto
Romano Ghini
as Umberto
Jorge Krimer
as Salvatore