Watch Rough Riders Online

Watch Rough Riders Online
Film title: Rough Riders
Rotten Tomatoes: 76%
Language: English
Plot: To help the Cuban rebels struggling against Spanish rule, gung-ho Naval Secretary Theodore Roosevelt (Tom Berenger) created the first U.S. volunteer cavalry regiment in 1898. The motley crew of about 500 fighters had to learn to work together as a team against a superior adversary. This rousing war epic -- co-starring Gary Busey and Sam Elliott -- depicts the true story of the "Rough Riders" and their part in the Spanish-American War.

Rough Riders Cast & Crew

Tom Berenger
as Theodore Roosevelt
Gary Busey
as Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler
Brian Keith
as President William McKinley
George Hamilton
as William Randolph Hearst
R. Lee Ermey
as Secretary of State John Hay
Nick Chinlund
as Frederick Remington