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Film title: Run
Language: English
Plot: Living in a world of uncertainty, five controversial and seemingly isolated stories interlock as people battle their own personal demons, as well as the burdens that society places on them. A rebellious young man tries to find his own identity from a home of an extremist pastor who tries to guide his convoluted family into living according to his fanatical beliefs--an attempt that results in explosive consequences for all. The desolation continues as a young woman deals with personal consequences of her actions and resents her father who faces possible deportation and backlash of his three-year military deployment . Then, plunge into the family of a high profile lawyer who is burdened by her family illegal activities. The heightened emotional hostility reaches a critical point as a isolated young man is trapped in a life of domestic violence and substance abuse with no way out. Finally a young boy is caught in a climatic battle between his parent's brutal divorce and relentless ...

Run  Series
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Run Cast & Crew

Porsha Ferguson
as Creamy
Nicky Buggs
as Monica Davis
Remington Hoffman
as Liam Yune
Moses Munoz
as Eric Torres
April Bogenschutz
as Kate Reed
Forrest Hoffman
as Garrett Yune
Leah Monet Johnson
as Brooke Reed
Christian James
as Craig London
Frederick Nah IV
as James Reed
Amber L DeVos
as Christa London
Ottavio Lobefaro
as Leone Macario
Rob West
as Lt. Danny Shoals
Stephano Jonas Dominguez
as Lucas Hernandez