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Film title: Run Chrissie Run!
Language: English
Plot: The action moves along quickly, jumping over holes in the script, in this made-for-television drama about Eve, an ex-terrorist from Germany who is forced to escape to Australia with her teenage daughter Chrissie when she is sought by Riley, a lover from 17 years in the past. In turn, the IRA has sent two members after Riley because he shot an IRA soldier and must pay the consequences. The two IRA operatives looking for Riley come across a really nasty biker who wants vengeance on Eve for setting his car on fire -- and the three men finally track her and Chrissie to the wine-growing country of Barossa Valley. The final denouement is about to explode, as Riley also arrives on the scene. With under-par acting and a patchy plot, this film was never released theatrically.

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Run Chrissie Run! Cast & Crew

Peter Stratford
as Meyerdahl
Hans Van Gyen
as Toe's Mate
Johnny Hallyday
as Toe's Mate
Allan Lyne
as Pilot