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Birthday: 1997-08-05
Place of Birth: Newport Beach, California, USA
Wiki Biography: Born in Newport Beach, California, Rylee has been working in the entertainment industry since she was three years old. Starting in print modeling, then on to Community Theater, her career has expanded into TV and radio commercials, television and film.Recent television credits include; Lost, Modern Family and Chase. Rylee portrayed a young Connie Stevens in the thriller Saving Grace B. Jones with a theatre release date of September 2011. Rylee's numerous voice-overs and ADR work include: Avatar, Polar Express, Madagascar 1 and 2, War of the Worlds, and Kung Fu Panda.Rylee currently studies acting in Los Angeles with Dennis LaValle and Michael Woolson.Rylee is passionate about helping others. Her empathy runs deep with regard to the needs of the less fortunate. Rylee's interests include sponsorship of two children through World Vision in which her commitment to continue supporting them is until they reach age sixteen. She also participates in Champions Run for Life, "Torch Run" which benefits Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center.When there is down time Rylee enjoys horseback riding, surfing and being with friends.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Ascension Day Abigail 2007 Drama, History
Saving Grace B. Jones Carrie Staley 2009 Game Show