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Film title: Sabotage!
Language: English, Spanish
Plot: June, 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte, surrounded by enemies, is about to play his definitive part in history. He has spent his whole life creating a mystique, becoming synonymous with determination, strength and mystery. But, that whole super-leader trip is smothering him and he just can't stand it anymore. Meanwhile, one of his aides, le maréchal Hugo Armani, has only one dream: to emulate the man who is his idol, his emperor. Armani picks the battle of Waterloo as the moment for his borderline psychotic attack - the first case of Napoleonic delirium in modern psychiatry. Due to the shortage of maréchals at the moment, Napoleon's got no choice: he has to leave Armani in command. Unbalanced Armani, so unexpectedly promoted, now leads the troops of France.

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Sabotage! Cast & Crew

David Suchet
as Napoleon
Stephen Fry
as Wellington
Dominique Pinon
as Armani
Alexandra Vandernoot
as Lady Edwina
Jim Dunk
as Capt. Clochard
Juan Inciarte
as Surgeon
Jason Watkins
as Capt. Worplesdon
Santiago Segura
as Cyrille Léotard
Angus Barnett
as Marvin
Tony Bluto
as Zebedee
Valentine Pelka
as Prussian hussar
Michael Jenn
as Jules
Trevor Peacock
as Papa Armani
Robin Soans
as King George III
Alan Griffin
as General 1 - Goofy