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Film title: Sacred Assassin
Language: English
Plot: Based on haunting true life events in film noir style, the Sacred Assassin is a story of pride, greed and all that is unholy. Fr. James Biancci is in debt for past gambling and has fallen from priesthood. He turns to Mark Franko who promises to repay his debters but for a price he cannot afford and eventually flees town. Carlos Mancini is hired by Peter Winchard as his right hand man. Upon learning of the fleeing priest he decides to use Mancini as the man who once was. No one would suspect the town priest as Winchards handyman in disguise and soon, Mancini learns of his masked immunity and power over Winchard and decides to use it to his own advantage, disobeying his boss and hunting down the man who killed his brother seven years earlier. The sinned mark of money and power under the cloth of a priests robes, Mancini is a dangerous entity that must be stopped. But who will kill a Sacred man?

Sacred Assassin Series
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Sacred Assassin Cast & Crew

James Askey
as Peter Winchard
Vince Brightman
as Gunman #1
Andy Demetrio
as Carlos Mancini
Shaun Fletcher
as Mark Franko
Rachael George
as Jessica Reynolds
Victoria Hayworth
as Angela Reynolds
Matt Tudor
as Fr. James Biancci
David Williams
as Church Priest