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Wiki Biography: Salma Agha born to a wealthy father and in Karachi, moved to London at age 9. She was married at 16 years of age to a prominent Pakistani settled in London. A divorce soon followed. Salma along with sister Sabina produced and sang for a record called AGHA - Salma and Sabina Agha sing ABBA hits in Hindi. The record made a few waves and was applauded by critics. However, it didn't create any major ripples in the Hindi film circles at the time. When acclaimed Indian director Raj Kapoor was at the London reception of his son Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh's wedding. He invited his cousin Zarina Agha (Salma's mother) to the reception. Present at the wedding were many other prominent Indian directors, including B.R. Chopra. Chopra had just finished a female oriented hit with Zeenat Aman called Insaf Ka Tarazu. He had just commissioned a heroine oriented movie called 'Talaq Talaq Talaq' and was on the look out for a Muslim actress. Zeenat Aman (even though, half Muslim) he felt had a much too urban look to portray the character of Neelofar in his movie. Raj Kappor too was on the lookout for a muslim girl his movie 'Hina'. Soon Raj Kapoor nixed plans of Hina and went ahead with 'Prem Rog'. Hearing that Chopra was looking for a muslim girl, Salma flew to Bombay to meet him, using her Uncle Raj Kapoor's connection. Salma was soon hired. When the music directors heard Salma's ABBA hits they signed her on to sing her own playback songs. The songs were a huge success even before the movie was released. The movie got stuck with the Islamic clerics who were to approve the movie before its release. They insisted on a name change and Chopra rechristened the movie "Nikah". The movie went on to be a huge success and is considered a classic. It is one of the strongest debuts for an actress and a huge vehicle for a newcomer. Salma soon purchased Reena Roy's apartment in Bandra, while Reena packed bags to move to London with her new husband cricketer Mohsin Khan. However, Salma wasn't interested in movies much, she soon hooked up with Mehmood Sipra, a NYC business man, who made Salma drop all her movie assignments and produced movies for her, beginning with Begum Sahiba and Bebasi. Sipra's divorce came through while his love affair with Salma began to fade. Both movies were shelved and Salma was left without a husband or career. Thankfully, her pictures were constantly in every magazine even though she hadn't had a release since Nikaah and refused most offers made to her. Finally, after her break with Mehmood Sipra, she agreed on a 180 degree turn on her character and signed B. Subhash's "Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki" with Mithun and Smita Patil. The movie was publicised with huge pictures of Salma, which in turn upset and overshadowed Mithun. This movie became Salma's second release and another hit. Soon, Salma went to Pakistan to visit her now married sister (Sabina) living in Karachi and while visiting relatives in Lahore, was offered Pakistani movies. She debuted in a horrible role in Hum aur Tum with Javiad Sheikh. They both fell in love and Javiad divorced his wife of 15 years and tied the knot with Salma. They were in such a rush for marriage that Salma Agha didn't even dub for the Hum aur Tum. The bad dubbing job and the horrible story line killed the movie. Though the curiosity of seeing Salma and her box office power made the movie a hit in Pakistan. Salma worked on many other movies in Pakistan, none with major recognition other than a movie that later got adopted into a Hindi version Pati, Patni aur Tawaif. Salma played the same character she had, in the Paksitani version and was once again teamed with Mithun. Whiel shooting for it in Bombay she also did Oonche Log with Rajesh Khanna (another remake of the Pakistani movie Dehleez) and Salma (also a remake of the Pakistani hit Anjuman of the 1950s). All of these movies flopped massively at the box office. Soon Salma was going through another divorce with Javaid Shaikh. She carried on with a few more Pakistani movies then settled with the squash Champion Rehmat Khan. She now shuttles between Islamabad and London with Rehmat Khan and put s out an album of Ghazals every few years. She recently went on tour promoting her album 'Husn'. She has a daughter with Rehmat and also runs a high end boutique in Islamabad. She has no desire of returning to filmdom - at least for now.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Jab Jab Phool Khile 1965
Nikaah 1982 Family, Romance
Oonche Log Poonam Singh 1985 Drama, Family
Mahaveera Don's dancer 1988 Action
Paanch Fauladi Julie 1988
Pati Patni Aur Tawaif Gauri 1990 Drama, Family