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Film title: Saltimbank
Language: French, German
Plot: The title reflects the brand of a financial institution, the bank of the Saltim family: Frederic, the younger brother, runs the family bank; his brother Bruno rejected the position of executive director, and chose to fund a theatrical company. Around them, there is a net of family members, friends, and acquaintances who seem to swirl around the banking brothers. Frederic and Bruno are both trying to control the future of their beautiful niece, Vanessa. The coffee shop owners Eve and Jim complicate everybody's life with their intrigues and lies. A strange stage director comes from his foreign exile. And lack of funds suddenly reveals the true colors of everyone - in banking, on stage, and everywhere.

Saltimbank Series
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Saltimbank Cast & Crew

Jeanne Balibar
as Vanessa Bartholomioux
Jean-Christophe Bouvet
as Bruno Saltim
Jean-Marc Barr
as Frédéric Saltim
Pascal Cervo
as Félix
Marilyne Canto
as Eve La Rochelle
Laurent Cygler
as Jim La Rochelle
Thomas Badek
as Elie
Ysé Tran
as Margot Waï
Micheline Presle
as Mme Saltim
Frédéric Norbert
as Hans Kalender
Philippe Garziano
as André Ferrara
Ima De Ranedo
as Ana Maria Toldra
Noël Simsolo
as Arthur Craven