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Film title: Samba in Mettmann
Language: German
Plot: Olaf is to take care of the family's cleaner's store, while his dad is away on a fair. In the evening he runs into three Brazilian ladies thrown out of a limousine not knowing where to go. Olaf invites them to stay with him and his deaf pot-smoking grandfather, which at first just causes some confusion as he soon is to marry his girlfriend Vera. The next day it's topsy-turvy all over.

Samba in Mettmann Series
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Samba in Mettmann Cast & Crew

Hape Kerkeling
as Olaf Kischewski
Doris Kunstmann
as Frau Pfeffer-Kischewski
Alexandra Neldel
as Vera Rehbein-Kischewski
Barbara M. Ahren
as Ursel Rehbein
Janette Rauch
as Juliane "Julchen" Wollberg
Pamela Knight
as Alegra aka Frau Schmidt
Beatrice Masala
as Filippo Amoroso / Felicidade Amoroso-Kischewski
Jana Ina
as Gioia
Rolf Nagel
as Opa Kischewski
Uwe Rohde
as Wolfgang Pfeffer
Max von Thun
as Anthony
Sky du Mont
as Benno Kischewski
Judith Döker
as Janina Mukatabe
Tyron Ricketts
as Herr Mukatabe