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Film title: Samuel Lount
Language: English
Plot: Samuel Lount is the Blacksmith of Holland Landing, in the rural Canada of the 1830s. A devoted family man and good neighbour, Lount is also a prominent member of the Children of Peace who are dedicated to pacifism and a life of ascetic spiritual community. But they are an island of calm in a colony that is deeply troubled. While helping a friend who is being persecuted by the corrupt and twisted colonial administration, Lount is gradually drawn into the world of radical politics and befriended by its leader, the fiery William Lyon MacKenzie. Lount is tempted from his religious isolation to run for Parliament, but when political solutions fail, the only recourse is revolution, and Lount is faced with the decision of his life - to let his dreams of a free Canada die, or to betray his religion and become the blacksmith who beat his ploughshares into swords.

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Samuel Lount Cast & Crew

Malcolm Black
as Peter Matthews
David Bolt
as Dr. Rolph
Donald Davis
as Bishop Strachan
George Dawson
as Alderman Powell
Richard Donat
as Sheriff Jarvis
David Fox
as David Willson
Andrew Gillies
as Sir Francis Bond Head
Linda Griffiths
as Elizabeth Lount
Manu Lauzon
as Daniel Lount
Gary Levert
as Rebel
Jack Medley
as Prime Minister of England
Christopher Newton
as Colonial Secretary, Glenelg
David Petersen
as William Robinson
Booth Savage
as Edward Kennedy
Cedric Smith
as William Lyon Mackenzie